Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kodi Kodi Kodi

Kodi is doing great he LOVES school and his teacher, he works hard and enjoys learning. He grades are great and he is working hard to do his best. His speech is coming along and he loves Tia his therapist, His OT is great he doesn't like that he has to miss school for OT and just wants this therapy with Rhonda to be shorter like Speech, but we do our best and he is coming along.
He is reading and loves it when he finds words he knows. I know that reading will be a harder task for him and we are doing our best to teach him and give him the tools he needs.
We are working with him and his reading we have many books that are the first reader book and we also are doing a program for dyslexia. He is learning and working hard.
I have been trying more calm down items or things for him. When he blows his top it's a good hour to 2 hour fight with screaming and meltdown. We put together a calm down jar that he likes but when he is so upset he hates it. I am rereading my books on SPD to see how I can better help him. He is such a sweet and wonderful boy and I know he loves his family.