Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making a home

It finally feels like we are making a life and a home here in Portsmouth, we have now been here for 4 months and life is getting into a routine. Kodi is finally getting his OT and speech and we found him a pre-k school, he is very excited about this. He will be attending one at a YMCA and I can't wait it's all week long and half day, plus a swim lessons as well. Life is good, we are making progress with therapy and he is happy most of the time.
He has been having less and less issues as we call them at home, but when he does it's a bad one and I am trying to remember to remain calm and not to take it personal when he tells me he hates me and I usually reply "I love you Kodi".
When he is having a "issue" we are trying to get him to use water balloons which means I need to have a lot on hand and ready to go. I am trying to figure out the best way to keep the water balloons ready to throw. So far nothing is working so I give him one or two and than let him use the hose and fill them up and throw them at the ground, or back of the garage. So far it's been a great way for him to get out his anger and use that engery in a postive way.
Another way we are learing to deal is we are teaching our boys about money and how it doesn't grow on trees so if we have no "issues" than at scripture time that evening he gets is quater for being great that day. Both boys also get to earn money for helping out during the day.
It seems to be working great and I love that they want to work and earn money.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

crazy times

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I updated on Kodi, this past week went by so very fast but yet at the same time it was so very slow.
We finally got Kodi into behaviorist and that appoint went well at least I thought it did. She gave us some very good ideas to work on and as we get into a schedule of seeing her she is hoping to help Kodi out even more. We also have both Kodi and KK finally getting their speech eval it only took 3 months for us to get in and than on the 4th Kodi will see an OT and get that going again. I am so very happy.
I am so tried of dealing with the school system out here and fighting with them on getting Kodi tested for speech. They are very good with giving us the run around and not do their job. But I can say they messing with the wrong Mom I know my rights and Kodi's rights. So we start testing on Monday and we will see if they get it all done and the final meeting in time.
Kodi has been actually doing more sensory based playing all on his own, today I went into his room to find he had taken out the bean box and was playing all afternoon in that which was a HUGE mess but he was calm and loved it.
Yesterday we did a bubble jug outside the both boys loved it, and he is listening better. Now if I can make this sensory play every day than we will be doing great. Tomorrow is our primary program and I am so very excited to see how well he does. I was trying to tell the primary president that she needs to read Kodi's parts to him word for word since he doesn't read and will only pick out the most important part of his reading. But she wasn't listening so we will see how he does.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall is on it's way

It was a great day for us, park day and finally a nice an cool day outside. The boys were able to play and not get to hot, since Kodi doesn't like to wear the "right" clothes for the "right" season today he was actually perfectly dressed. We played for about 2 hours at the park, we took out the kited and Kodi and KK loved running around flying the kite high in the sky.
Kodi actually did a great job flying the kite and making sure it stayed up in the sky. We than headed back home but first went to walmart to pick up some things for dinner. Well I saw the kites were on sale so I picked up two more and that did not go over with Kodi so well, and he started to have a issue about me getting two more kites, well Kodi was running after Aaron, like he does when he is mad at you. Aaron ran around the dining room table and than back outside with Kodi following well Kodi picked up the hose and turned the hose on. Kodi was than more upset that Daddy was trying to get him wet that Kodi did not remember or care about the two kites. I than filled up some balloons with water and started a big family water fight. It was great all four of us were in the water fight, KK had to two balloons and Kodi kept getting water from the sink and pouring it on us.
All in all it was a great afternoon, we than turned on our water slide and the boys finished playing outside. Kodi is having daily issues but I believe the issues are because he is not in control of things and doesn't want to do what we say. Which is true with most kids, he is starting again to talk more about his feeling and less screaming at us. Life with us is good for now and we take what we get the good the bad and the ugly.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of karate class

Our days started off pretty good, the boys all playing very nicely and very willing to paint. We started off at the table and than Kodi wanted to move to his art easel. So I brought to down stairs had Kodi to a box under the easel and now we were ready to paint. Both boys had a blast, KK painted a dinosaurs and a volcano Kodi well I am not sure but he had a great time. He painted for at least 40 minutes. A very calming activity, I had promised the boys that we would go to the library after we went to karate today. Well Kodi won't let me forget that, he Loves the library and I love that he loves it so much.
We spent a good part of our day playing with our toys, Kodi did his "school work" on the computer Thank you PBS kids he loves playing all the games and learning about the different characters. Finally Aaron came to get us and we went to drop him back off at work. Both boys were not very happy with dropping Daddy back off at work, but it was for the last part of the day.
Finally it was time for karate Kodi was so very excited. Now we had heard that when they get their white belt it was suppose to be a big deal, well no one told the teacher that he was having a new kid in class so he wasn't ready with Kodi's belt and so no big show for his belt. But he was very proud and so was his mama.
I was a little worried about how he would do with the other two classes going on and all the noise but he focused as well as he could and did his best. Listened the teachers and punched his little heart out. He had the biggest smile on his face as they warmed up and ran around the mats. You could see the pure joy of happiness which I love seeing.
Well after we were done we had to come home and change his clothes and than it was off to daddy's work to pick him up. I love seeing how the boys get so happy when Aaron is done with with work.
Both my Boys were very tired after their day, Kodi played for a bit and than up stairs and was ready for bed no one telling him it was bed time, it was all him. Now he is sleeping and life if good for us.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Zoo

What a great day for our family, the boys allowed Daddy to sleep for 3 hours this morning before becoming to loud and crazy. Kodi asked us if we could go to the zoo today, I thought why not we have a membership and the Zoo is just the right size for us, it takes about 2 hours for us to walk around and see all the different animals. We let the boys take charge and decided which way and what animals to see first,both loved it.
When we first drove into the parking lot we saw a flood of cars I thought"man this is going to be crazy time" but really it wasn't. We found that the only places in the zoo that were very busy was the reptile house which was busy, but Kodi did great. Kodi walked to which ones he wanted to look at and just did what he needed to do. We have found that when we are out if Kodi needs to have a safe place it's on Aaron's shoulders, which is becoming a good thing, except the fact that Kodi is 5 and getting heavier for Aaron.
We also were able to brush this morning and no melt downs or issues when it was time for brushing. After the zoo it was time for us to go grocery shopping now, which I hate taking all three boys but we had no food in our house since we just got back from MN.
Of course we talked to the boys about not getting any toys in walmart and that we were just grocery shopping. "I know, I know" we heard from Kodi's mouth. Of course walmart is always crazy and I go crazy in walmart. But we made it with no melt downs and Kodi in fact was a huge help to me.
I love it when life is good and both boys have a great day. More good days are ahead of us, Aaron is now back on days so no more being quite during the day and we get to see him more.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another great day

It's been a little while since I posted last we headed back home for Peyton's surgery which went very well, all three boys did a great job. As soon as we stepped into grandma's house Kodi and Kk went right back to their old routines. Kodi wanted to know when he was going to see Sarah and Megan who were his Speech and OT therapist as well as Jenn his behaviorist. We had to explain that he was not going to be seeing them anymore since we now live in Virginia.
Only a couple of melt downs nothing we had not dealt with before. I am still trying to see if Kk is SPD or just learning from his brother either way I give him sensory based activities as well.
We are now home and falling right back into our routine, today was a great day. Sunday's always seem to be very hard on us and trying to make it to church on time is always hard. Today was different I believe it was that Aaron gave Kodi a lot of input right before we left and he was able to get what he was in need of.
As I came down the stairs I saw Aaron carrying Kodi in a blanket like a bag of toys swinging him and than crashing into the pillows on the couch. He loved it, I guess they had been doing activities like that for about 40 minutes while I was getting ready. Kodi and Kk both were ready to leave and no issues.
Once we made it to church Kodi took Kk to nursery and Kodi and I headed into the chapel for our primary program practise. Kodi did a great job listening and sitting pretty good during the two hours of practise. I was so very proud of him. He has two speaking parts and one singing part with his whole class. I can't wait for this program and to see how well he goes.
Once it was time for us to come home he was bear walking around and letting us know he was in need again. Which I love that as he gets a little older he is able to tell when he needs and at times will allow us to help him.
I am looking forward to this week and starting his preschool program we are doing together. We decided not to put him in Kindergarten, it's been a battle with the school here but he is just not ready to start. So one more year at home and than next year we will send him. But this year we are going to have fun learning and going places to learn. I can't wait!