Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trying to manage

Trying to manage lately for Kodi and I, has proved actually pretty good. We are finding our balance and I am finding the best way to help him. Being in OT is really helping and he is doing a great job. I love that when he is starting to meltdown and lose it, I get down to his eye level and in a calm voice tell him he has two choices, one to choose the right and do what we are asking and the second choice would be to meltdown. I simply say choose the right, and walk away so he has time to make his choice, and it's working.

He is doing great at school, we did have a mishap at school of Wednesday, Daddy brought the wrong swim suit to school and he had a major issue over it, plus he was up the night before way to late, anyway it took a lot and he was late to school, but I finally got him calmed down and in school and I did let his teacher know if he was going to havea fit over the swimsuit than it was ok if he didn't go swimming. I prayed thathe would just change and be ok, and he was no issues when we picked him up and he did great.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music to his ears

Our first day of OT was good, not sure what he did since all he told me was they were in the kitchen making a spider and doing music. No swing or playing just sitting and doing a spider. I do know he was calm and happy when we got home.
We are now listening to a new theraputic listening CD Rhythem and Rhyme he likes it and will actually listen twice a day. I do love how the music really does help him and I can tell just from the first day that it was and is working. He is a much happier and calm kid. He doesn't seem to get upset as fast.
I went to a girls night out on friday night, for a 31 purse party and had to bring my boys since hubby was at a scouting camp out. We had a nice time and at the end of the crazy night I was doing my best to avoid a melt down and Kodi had choosen to listen and came down to get ready. A friend of mine was a little to pushy with Kodi and wasn't listening to him and he just lost it. He really likes just mommy to help him and I didn't mind helping him at all. It was as simple as putting his shoes on and than getting out to the car.
So my no melting down turned into a whole show and a crying child. Needless to say I wasn't happy and I had to step in and take care of my little boy. He was so unhappy and upset that she was not listening to him. Everything was calm by the time we got home and he went straight to sleep.
My friend call the next day and felt very bad for trying to help and getting Kodi all upset. Which was very nice, I know she was trying to help and I need to let my friends know that when I need the help I will ask. Kodi and I have a very special way to doing our daily tasks and some may think I am crazy for giving him help since he is 5 or that I give him to much help, but I don't care. I know what my son needs and how he works. I know that he needs more time to process what is going on and how much I do need to help him.
It is hard being a military family and meeting new people every time we get a new duty station, and I am very good at telling people that his has SPD and how we work. I just need people to listen. If we all just listened to others the world would be a much different place.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A week in Review

The past couple of weeks have been crazy for us, dealing with sick kids and grandma coming, and not to mention Halloween. Seasons are changing and we all know what that means, sickness with the changing seasons. Now the cold we are dealing with is one that has been in our home for a while and it doesn't seem to matter how long I have the windows open to air out the house, or how much I clean the house it seems to stay here. I am thankful that we have not had to take our youngest to the ER for croup.
It was wonderful to have Gma as I call her, here with us for a couple of days, the boys loved waking up to seeing her each morning. It was a sad day when she had to leave and Kodi really missed her, enough to have two meltdowns and it finally came out that he really missed Gma and all his family back in MN.
We finally had the IEP meeting to tell me he did not qualify for help in school which we already knew, and it was a big waste of time. I just pray that we will have different orders by next fall and won't be in this stinking state anymore.
He also has started OT again we have only been in once to see her and she started him on the music therapy again, so far it has made a big difference and he is actually listening to his music twice a day. Life is finally getting getting good again and we are able to see our happy little boy.