Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trying to manage

Trying to manage lately for Kodi and I, has proved actually pretty good. We are finding our balance and I am finding the best way to help him. Being in OT is really helping and he is doing a great job. I love that when he is starting to meltdown and lose it, I get down to his eye level and in a calm voice tell him he has two choices, one to choose the right and do what we are asking and the second choice would be to meltdown. I simply say choose the right, and walk away so he has time to make his choice, and it's working.

He is doing great at school, we did have a mishap at school of Wednesday, Daddy brought the wrong swim suit to school and he had a major issue over it, plus he was up the night before way to late, anyway it took a lot and he was late to school, but I finally got him calmed down and in school and I did let his teacher know if he was going to havea fit over the swimsuit than it was ok if he didn't go swimming. I prayed thathe would just change and be ok, and he was no issues when we picked him up and he did great.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music to his ears

Our first day of OT was good, not sure what he did since all he told me was they were in the kitchen making a spider and doing music. No swing or playing just sitting and doing a spider. I do know he was calm and happy when we got home.
We are now listening to a new theraputic listening CD Rhythem and Rhyme he likes it and will actually listen twice a day. I do love how the music really does help him and I can tell just from the first day that it was and is working. He is a much happier and calm kid. He doesn't seem to get upset as fast.
I went to a girls night out on friday night, for a 31 purse party and had to bring my boys since hubby was at a scouting camp out. We had a nice time and at the end of the crazy night I was doing my best to avoid a melt down and Kodi had choosen to listen and came down to get ready. A friend of mine was a little to pushy with Kodi and wasn't listening to him and he just lost it. He really likes just mommy to help him and I didn't mind helping him at all. It was as simple as putting his shoes on and than getting out to the car.
So my no melting down turned into a whole show and a crying child. Needless to say I wasn't happy and I had to step in and take care of my little boy. He was so unhappy and upset that she was not listening to him. Everything was calm by the time we got home and he went straight to sleep.
My friend call the next day and felt very bad for trying to help and getting Kodi all upset. Which was very nice, I know she was trying to help and I need to let my friends know that when I need the help I will ask. Kodi and I have a very special way to doing our daily tasks and some may think I am crazy for giving him help since he is 5 or that I give him to much help, but I don't care. I know what my son needs and how he works. I know that he needs more time to process what is going on and how much I do need to help him.
It is hard being a military family and meeting new people every time we get a new duty station, and I am very good at telling people that his has SPD and how we work. I just need people to listen. If we all just listened to others the world would be a much different place.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A week in Review

The past couple of weeks have been crazy for us, dealing with sick kids and grandma coming, and not to mention Halloween. Seasons are changing and we all know what that means, sickness with the changing seasons. Now the cold we are dealing with is one that has been in our home for a while and it doesn't seem to matter how long I have the windows open to air out the house, or how much I clean the house it seems to stay here. I am thankful that we have not had to take our youngest to the ER for croup.
It was wonderful to have Gma as I call her, here with us for a couple of days, the boys loved waking up to seeing her each morning. It was a sad day when she had to leave and Kodi really missed her, enough to have two meltdowns and it finally came out that he really missed Gma and all his family back in MN.
We finally had the IEP meeting to tell me he did not qualify for help in school which we already knew, and it was a big waste of time. I just pray that we will have different orders by next fall and won't be in this stinking state anymore.
He also has started OT again we have only been in once to see her and she started him on the music therapy again, so far it has made a big difference and he is actually listening to his music twice a day. Life is finally getting getting good again and we are able to see our happy little boy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 2 of school

His second week of school is over and he is doing so very well. I know that I shouldn't be amazed with how a routinue works, but I still am. It came to the end of the week and we only had on meltdown, and it wasn't a major one. We are still doing the water ballons and that works great, he is able to get his anger out and able to use the engery in a positive way instead of hurting me or Aaron.
We had the school finally test him in OT and Speech and of course they are waiting to the very last weeks to do the testing. So we went and are continuing with the testing. I am pretty sure he won't get any help from the school for his test scores are normal, and what they are not seeing is that yes on paper he is doing great but when you talk to him and see him in the classroom it's different.
He has started speech outside of the school and like going, I just can't wait for his OT to start, we have so much going right now that it's hard to keep all the appointments straight. We also are still doing karate and he is doing great in that, I just have to make sure we get to class twice a week. This week we only are making it once, next week will have to be better.
One problem in our house is that the boys love to watch tv together, we have had many fights with our boys over turning the tv off and we are working on it, this week has actually been a great week both boys are turning the TV with no problems and listening. Which than they get a penny for no fits and no issues on listening to us. Their money jar is helping so much and they are learing that money doesn't just grow in my purse or daddy's wallet. If the boys want something like a toy they have to I ask do you have enough money for that and Kodi looks and tells me "no, I need to save more" so it's working and he is learning.
We have a pea box for the boys to play in and they are loving it, but I am finding little peas all over my house. I can't seem to escape from them at all. All their friends love playing with the peas. It's a nightly picking with peas and the worst part is that my vaccum is broken.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Melt down city

I can't seem to figure out why he is having so many melt downs. I don't understand why he is falling apart and it's not just one or two, it's two twice a day or three times a day. I don't know if it is because he has started school or if it's that he is getting into a rountine with school or what is going on, but we are having issues. The scarey thing is that I can't control him when he is out of control. He is getting bigger and stronger and I can't stop him.
I worry so much about him and how he is doing, but I am doing everything I can to help him, but it doesn't seem like it's enough. It's been a day and I am emotional drained, I need a good night's sleep and be ready for tomorrow. I pray that tomorrow will be a little better.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Things are finally starting to fall into place, we found a great pre-k for Kodi and today was his second day of school. He loves going, loves being able to have friends, and is super excited to get up and go. Let's pray that it stays this way, he is making great progress with his therapist and behaving better when he gets upset.
We still are having "issues" his last one I don't blame him for melting down, he had his evlauation for OT and it took 2 1/2 hours and I knew it would be a rough night for us, which it was but we made it and things have been great since Monday.
We are finally now getting back into a routine and it's great. I am now trying to work on Kingston and helping him understand how Kodi acts out is not ok and that we need to not act, scream, fight or hurt others when we dont' like what is going on.
This is a huge problem and I am trying my best to stop it right now. I am sure it's hard for him to watch his older brother, but I am doing my best explaining and working with him. Kodi starts speech next week and we are very excited for that.
We did learn that the school district here won't do anything for him in means of getting language help, and I am so upset and I really pray that when it's time for us to be in school we will be in another state. One that will have a better school system and not here. I really hate this district. But what can I do, but what I am doing which is why he is not in school until next year, they just want to push us into putting him in school and we won't do it.

Friday, October 1, 2010


This past week Kodi has been struggling with listening and it shows 24-7, he either doesnt' seem to care what we are telling him or he just doesn't care at all. It's driving me crazy, we are still doing the quarter a day if he is not having issues well the past three days he has had issues. They are getting better he is not fighting us right awa but instead just yelling at the top of his lungs, but it's still hard. I do believe that TV has a lot to do with how he acts, so we are cutting way down and putting our foot down on how much he watches.
IT's not easy but I am cutting it out and he hates it, I am hoping that when he goes to school it will be better, but we aren't sure when he will start, since we put in to a scholarship and we are waiting to hear to see how much we will be paying each month. But he is so very excited to start school and I can't wait. The whole morning for him to be in school and enough time for me to workout :)
I am learning that I need a break from my kids in order for me to function and be the best mom I can be. Since Daddy works 12 hour days it's just me during the day and it's hard on me most days so Kodi going to school is a great thing.
He is doing great in Karate and it's teaching him great qualities, and how to center his energy. Today we have had a pretty good day some friends came over for a play date and the boys played and had a great time. Than Kodi actually was swinging in his green swing and now is jumping into pillows off the table. I know to some that is not ok, but for us in our home sensory play is a big factor in how our day goes and both boys love that with me watching them they can do things like this.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making a home

It finally feels like we are making a life and a home here in Portsmouth, we have now been here for 4 months and life is getting into a routine. Kodi is finally getting his OT and speech and we found him a pre-k school, he is very excited about this. He will be attending one at a YMCA and I can't wait it's all week long and half day, plus a swim lessons as well. Life is good, we are making progress with therapy and he is happy most of the time.
He has been having less and less issues as we call them at home, but when he does it's a bad one and I am trying to remember to remain calm and not to take it personal when he tells me he hates me and I usually reply "I love you Kodi".
When he is having a "issue" we are trying to get him to use water balloons which means I need to have a lot on hand and ready to go. I am trying to figure out the best way to keep the water balloons ready to throw. So far nothing is working so I give him one or two and than let him use the hose and fill them up and throw them at the ground, or back of the garage. So far it's been a great way for him to get out his anger and use that engery in a postive way.
Another way we are learing to deal is we are teaching our boys about money and how it doesn't grow on trees so if we have no "issues" than at scripture time that evening he gets is quater for being great that day. Both boys also get to earn money for helping out during the day.
It seems to be working great and I love that they want to work and earn money.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

crazy times

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I updated on Kodi, this past week went by so very fast but yet at the same time it was so very slow.
We finally got Kodi into behaviorist and that appoint went well at least I thought it did. She gave us some very good ideas to work on and as we get into a schedule of seeing her she is hoping to help Kodi out even more. We also have both Kodi and KK finally getting their speech eval it only took 3 months for us to get in and than on the 4th Kodi will see an OT and get that going again. I am so very happy.
I am so tried of dealing with the school system out here and fighting with them on getting Kodi tested for speech. They are very good with giving us the run around and not do their job. But I can say they messing with the wrong Mom I know my rights and Kodi's rights. So we start testing on Monday and we will see if they get it all done and the final meeting in time.
Kodi has been actually doing more sensory based playing all on his own, today I went into his room to find he had taken out the bean box and was playing all afternoon in that which was a HUGE mess but he was calm and loved it.
Yesterday we did a bubble jug outside the both boys loved it, and he is listening better. Now if I can make this sensory play every day than we will be doing great. Tomorrow is our primary program and I am so very excited to see how well he does. I was trying to tell the primary president that she needs to read Kodi's parts to him word for word since he doesn't read and will only pick out the most important part of his reading. But she wasn't listening so we will see how he does.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall is on it's way

It was a great day for us, park day and finally a nice an cool day outside. The boys were able to play and not get to hot, since Kodi doesn't like to wear the "right" clothes for the "right" season today he was actually perfectly dressed. We played for about 2 hours at the park, we took out the kited and Kodi and KK loved running around flying the kite high in the sky.
Kodi actually did a great job flying the kite and making sure it stayed up in the sky. We than headed back home but first went to walmart to pick up some things for dinner. Well I saw the kites were on sale so I picked up two more and that did not go over with Kodi so well, and he started to have a issue about me getting two more kites, well Kodi was running after Aaron, like he does when he is mad at you. Aaron ran around the dining room table and than back outside with Kodi following well Kodi picked up the hose and turned the hose on. Kodi was than more upset that Daddy was trying to get him wet that Kodi did not remember or care about the two kites. I than filled up some balloons with water and started a big family water fight. It was great all four of us were in the water fight, KK had to two balloons and Kodi kept getting water from the sink and pouring it on us.
All in all it was a great afternoon, we than turned on our water slide and the boys finished playing outside. Kodi is having daily issues but I believe the issues are because he is not in control of things and doesn't want to do what we say. Which is true with most kids, he is starting again to talk more about his feeling and less screaming at us. Life with us is good for now and we take what we get the good the bad and the ugly.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of karate class

Our days started off pretty good, the boys all playing very nicely and very willing to paint. We started off at the table and than Kodi wanted to move to his art easel. So I brought to down stairs had Kodi to a box under the easel and now we were ready to paint. Both boys had a blast, KK painted a dinosaurs and a volcano Kodi well I am not sure but he had a great time. He painted for at least 40 minutes. A very calming activity, I had promised the boys that we would go to the library after we went to karate today. Well Kodi won't let me forget that, he Loves the library and I love that he loves it so much.
We spent a good part of our day playing with our toys, Kodi did his "school work" on the computer Thank you PBS kids he loves playing all the games and learning about the different characters. Finally Aaron came to get us and we went to drop him back off at work. Both boys were not very happy with dropping Daddy back off at work, but it was for the last part of the day.
Finally it was time for karate Kodi was so very excited. Now we had heard that when they get their white belt it was suppose to be a big deal, well no one told the teacher that he was having a new kid in class so he wasn't ready with Kodi's belt and so no big show for his belt. But he was very proud and so was his mama.
I was a little worried about how he would do with the other two classes going on and all the noise but he focused as well as he could and did his best. Listened the teachers and punched his little heart out. He had the biggest smile on his face as they warmed up and ran around the mats. You could see the pure joy of happiness which I love seeing.
Well after we were done we had to come home and change his clothes and than it was off to daddy's work to pick him up. I love seeing how the boys get so happy when Aaron is done with with work.
Both my Boys were very tired after their day, Kodi played for a bit and than up stairs and was ready for bed no one telling him it was bed time, it was all him. Now he is sleeping and life if good for us.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Zoo

What a great day for our family, the boys allowed Daddy to sleep for 3 hours this morning before becoming to loud and crazy. Kodi asked us if we could go to the zoo today, I thought why not we have a membership and the Zoo is just the right size for us, it takes about 2 hours for us to walk around and see all the different animals. We let the boys take charge and decided which way and what animals to see first,both loved it.
When we first drove into the parking lot we saw a flood of cars I thought"man this is going to be crazy time" but really it wasn't. We found that the only places in the zoo that were very busy was the reptile house which was busy, but Kodi did great. Kodi walked to which ones he wanted to look at and just did what he needed to do. We have found that when we are out if Kodi needs to have a safe place it's on Aaron's shoulders, which is becoming a good thing, except the fact that Kodi is 5 and getting heavier for Aaron.
We also were able to brush this morning and no melt downs or issues when it was time for brushing. After the zoo it was time for us to go grocery shopping now, which I hate taking all three boys but we had no food in our house since we just got back from MN.
Of course we talked to the boys about not getting any toys in walmart and that we were just grocery shopping. "I know, I know" we heard from Kodi's mouth. Of course walmart is always crazy and I go crazy in walmart. But we made it with no melt downs and Kodi in fact was a huge help to me.
I love it when life is good and both boys have a great day. More good days are ahead of us, Aaron is now back on days so no more being quite during the day and we get to see him more.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another great day

It's been a little while since I posted last we headed back home for Peyton's surgery which went very well, all three boys did a great job. As soon as we stepped into grandma's house Kodi and Kk went right back to their old routines. Kodi wanted to know when he was going to see Sarah and Megan who were his Speech and OT therapist as well as Jenn his behaviorist. We had to explain that he was not going to be seeing them anymore since we now live in Virginia.
Only a couple of melt downs nothing we had not dealt with before. I am still trying to see if Kk is SPD or just learning from his brother either way I give him sensory based activities as well.
We are now home and falling right back into our routine, today was a great day. Sunday's always seem to be very hard on us and trying to make it to church on time is always hard. Today was different I believe it was that Aaron gave Kodi a lot of input right before we left and he was able to get what he was in need of.
As I came down the stairs I saw Aaron carrying Kodi in a blanket like a bag of toys swinging him and than crashing into the pillows on the couch. He loved it, I guess they had been doing activities like that for about 40 minutes while I was getting ready. Kodi and Kk both were ready to leave and no issues.
Once we made it to church Kodi took Kk to nursery and Kodi and I headed into the chapel for our primary program practise. Kodi did a great job listening and sitting pretty good during the two hours of practise. I was so very proud of him. He has two speaking parts and one singing part with his whole class. I can't wait for this program and to see how well he goes.
Once it was time for us to come home he was bear walking around and letting us know he was in need again. Which I love that as he gets a little older he is able to tell when he needs and at times will allow us to help him.
I am looking forward to this week and starting his preschool program we are doing together. We decided not to put him in Kindergarten, it's been a battle with the school here but he is just not ready to start. So one more year at home and than next year we will send him. But this year we are going to have fun learning and going places to learn. I can't wait!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The world goes round and round

Our vacation as been great so far and the boys are all doing wonderful, Kodi is enjoying every minute of each day being with his cousins and grandparents. He is making wonderful choices and we have only had two melt downs while we have been home.
As a family we usually don't go out to restaurants for a couple of reasons, the first being the noise and second we have a 2 year old who doesn't always listen and loves to run around. We decided to take them with us to TGI Fridays to go and get my childhood best friend and her family. We had told Kodi that when everything became too much for him to let us know. We pulled out the "guys" I brought with us and let the boys play while we ordered and ate our food. Just as she brought our food and started to eat Kodi tapped Aaron on the shoulder and said "dad I need to jump" "Ok buddy we can go do that" outside they went no questions asked no yelling and melting down by Kodi they went out twice during dinner and on the third time Kodi asked to go to the car and just sit, Aaron stated "than we are not coming back buddy this time is that OK" "yes daddy that is fine" Kodi very nicely answered.
I couldn't believe how great both boys did, Kodi was able to tell us when his body had enough and needed some time to regroup.
Last night was for us a very great break through, my parents have a giant swing set in the back year and Kodi loves to swing I would let him he would swing all day long and that great big smile would stay on his face. You see pure joy when he is swinging. So Aaron pushed Kodi on the tire swing and he spun and spun until Aaron found a bug for Kodi and he jumped off, and was actually dizzy from the spinning. I couldn't believe it this is something that never happens that he is actually processing the spin. Aaron and I just smiled and I was so very proud, that we are making process. Of course he didn't know why we were so very happy but it was a very great moment for us.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Traveling with the boys

We have made it finally to Minnesota, and I have to say for all my boys being in the car 13 hours a day was a very long and boring two days but they all did great. Kodi was wonderful we only had a very small issue.
We made it to MN finally Tuesday night and he fell right back into his old routine at grandma's house which was very nice. He even asked if he was going to therapy and didn't really get that we were just visiting and we don't' go and see his therapist when we visit.
The Lion face is still doing wonders for us, I also have been noticing that when I am around and he goes into his fits I just make it worse. Yesterday I had to take our youngest Peyton to get his pre op done for his surgery on Friday and Kodi was melting down big time. Too much excitement at the cousins and he didn't want to leave. So I had to go but within 5 minutes he was ok with my hubby and his aunt. Where if I am around it goes until for 30 to 45 minutes.
Also being here we are able to play outside since it's not so blasted hot. Being outside is so much help, last night the boys stayed with my parents and just played and ran around out back. It was a much needed break for all of us.
I also have to wonder why it's taking the therapist so blasted long to for us to get an evaluation in VA it's crazy I have us on 3 different waiting lists. But really not even a phone call in the past three months so I will have to call them when we get back home.
We will see how our day is today since we are going to the Mall of America, if we have melt downs or not. I also know that Kodi feels our stress and our emotions much more than a "normal" kid would. After his melt down yesterday he told Aaron (his dad) that he was scared and worried about Peyton going away for surgery and didn't want Mommy to drive the car. Now did he tell us that no he just screamed and cried and tried to pull me out of the way and out of the car. We are telling him that it's ok and that he has nothing to worry about Mommy and Daddy are taking care of things and he doesn't have to worry.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why does everything come crashing down on sundays

I should have known from all three boys getting up at 5:30 that our day was going to be a rough one. But I just thought it would be a good one, or at least I was praying it would. Things for Kodi started off good, yes he was up at 5:30 but he was doing good, ate breakfast watched some TV and played very well with his brother while we were getting ready for church.
I even let him slide down the stairs a bunch of times getting some great input but still he started to melt down when it was time for me to get into the car. This meltdown was a huge one, I was doing everything our therapist had told us to do. I was not talking to much to him, I was keeping myself calm breathing and having Aaron breath as well. He had crawled in front with me and started to push so I let him push putting his legs on the dash and allowing him to push as I pushed back, some very good pressure for him.
But that did not do it, he just fought me harder, than he would get a good swing in and pull my hair and he bit me twice. Finally I got out of the car and let him scream and yell and I told him that I would not allow him to hurt me and I walked away. That seemed to start to calm him down, and things from there started to go better. Needless to say we were late for church. But while I was walking around the yard with him and talking to him we could hear a train blow it's whistle and he covered his ears and it was very painful for him.
He is in total defense mode and we are doing our best to help him. I have been doing more and more reading again and I am thinking he is under stress from us trying to find a school for him, he feeds off of our feelings and we have been very stressed over this problem and I do believe that is some of the problem.
I also posted for some help on about his meltdowns and someone gave some great advice about making some yoga pose lion face. So I looked it up and it so far worked. Both boys love making the face.
Let's hope tomorrow is better since we are leaving on vacation for a couple of days :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A little bit on overload

Overload for both Mom and Kodi, we have been trying to get him tested for school with his speech, and this state is so frustrating. Because Kodi just turned 5 he is suppose to go to Kindergarten, but he is not ready. He just turned 5 this month, and is emotional not ready. I have explained this to the school and along with his SPD he is behind and needs another year in preschool.
Well they did not like that answer, last week we had our special ed meeting and they are going to test him, but I am sure they will get the same scores as Minnesota did where he than falls short of getting help, but that is not the whole story. They need to watch him interact but they won't be able to because they do not have a pre-k for 5 years.
Which makes no sense to me, the kids who are just not ready are falling behind and they don't care. You either go to school at 5 or you don't get any schooling, they have no pre-k at all for 5 year olds.
We did find a private school and loved it but once again I do not have the 19k for tuition crazy.

Anyway some exciting things Dad finally put up the two different swings for the boys. So now they can swing whenever they want. We also have a very cool light in the swing room with a wave that plays when the light is on. Very calming, now only if I can get him in the swing room when he is having a melt down. That is my goal to have him learn where to go when he is screaming and trying to hurt me. Melting down is at least once a week and I hate it.
He gets so very mad and is out of control, I just want to take that pain over for him and do it for him, but I can't.
He has to learn how to channel that anger into a ok form of display. So we found a karate class for him to be in and he is very good at it and loves going. I am praying this is the answer we have been praying for and he will learn. We also have been getting out our OTIS yoga cards and doing them. He loves to do this "yoga"
I also have been trying to do more sensory diet during the day, we open our day with some very good oral input with breakfast, than we do some jumping and rough play, than some movie time, back to more oral input he loves to eat popcorn and drinking out of straws so we do a lot of that.
But we are hitting a wall with a those meltdowns, I don't know how to help him.
Yesterday we came home and a car was blocking the entrance to the road so we went the back way to get to our house and he flipped out. Crying kicking yelling, how to I help him. We even tried to drive out and back in the right way but it was no good.
We have put a call into a therapist for him, but we are still waiting. Just like with OT and speech he has been out of service for 3 going on 4 months, because of our move. I have him on three different waiting lists and still nothing.
So what can I do to help him with those meltdowns?

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Doctor

The past coulpe of days have been a change for us. Kodi is throwing more and more fits when life doesn't go the way he wants to. The more step back and watch the more I think he is trying to see if Mom and Dad are really going to put our foot down and do what we said.
I just wish his "time out's " would be more "normal" than what he does. He loves to destroy his room try and hit us, bit us and right now his favorite thing is to pinch us. His little fingers just get the right amount of skin and he Pinches and boy does it hurt.
We are making sure that we don't go back on what was said and he is seeming to understand. The biggest thing for us right now is that he went to a Neurologist and he says Kodi does have SPD but over all is "normal" he sees more normal than the SPD which we were happy to hear. I would have been find if he had more of a SPD than normal as well. He also agreed with me on that Kodi's needs another year of preschool and not to put him in kindergarten he is just not ready. The hard part is trying to find the preschool everywhere down here says he has to go to kindergarten but that is not the case. We have an appointment with the Principal of the school he is suppose to go to on Monday so we will see.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Why does age matter

Why does age matter? Will some be able to shed some light on this for me. Since we have moved here we have been trying to find the right pre-school for him, Kodi does have an IEP but with his IEP it states that in Minnesota he does not qualify for Special Education since he only has one qualiation, but they did put in that his team would override that and he would recieve help if we would have stayed in the district. So their recommendation is for him to have another year of pre-k and send him next year which I agree with that decision.
With that send and done we are here in VA and they have different laws about school than Minnesota and because he will 5 before school starts he has to go to kindergarten, and when I try to get a hold of some in special ed or even talk to the Principal they are not returing my calls.
Yes he will be 5 in two days and that should be the age you have your child go to school if they are "normal", kodi is not academically ready, he has trouble with letter, skipping number and on top his speech is delayed. Now if you were to just see Kodi yes he does seem like a normal 5 year old, but once you talk to him you can see he has a speech delay, he has to be redirected wbile in class and did have a hard time finishing projects last year.
The schools are not at the same level here in Virigina as they are in Minnesota, I knew that coming here and I did my best for us to find a home in a good school district, but that did not work that way when our house that we were suppose to buy did not work for us.
Homeschooling is an option but I am not sure how well he would do at home with me and IF he would do school for me.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sorry it's been a week since I lasted posted wireless was not working and so it took a little bit. So since I last posted about Kodi, we have had some major melt downs. I believe it's that we are putting our foot down and following through with what we are saying, and he doesn't like it one bit.
Today we had three meltdowns or issues as we call them in our house before noon, the last one at the end he just cried and we talked about him missing his old home and his family he left in Minnesota and how is really misses them. I believe it's important for him to know that we miss our family back in Minnesota just as much as he does.
I am naming different feels for him as he has his issues and after he is done we talk about how he was feeling and how it is ok to have those different feelings but it's not ok to try and hurt people, and the most important of all that Mommy and Daddy love him, and that he doesn't need to worry about life and that Mommy and Daddy have anything under control.
Yesterday while we were having quit time he was able to paint and he decided to paint the boxes that we moved in, when I came down he was doing a wonderful job. Well that some how turned into paint all over. His little brother KK came down with me and they both were covered in paint from head to toe. Needless to say it was bath time after that. But as I watched I was so very thankful for his OT who worked with him for he would have never done that before. When I say the paint was all over it was, they had stripped down to nothing and where body painting. I have to say I LOVE washable paint, all the paint came off with no problems. What a great sensory meal for Kodi.
Our quest for this week is to find him a school. We found that private school but really we can not afford the tution and I really don't know if the school would be the best fit. As I was asking question I found that they do not have Speech in their school and that we would have to get help for a private therpay. Which is not a problem but I would really like him to get help in school. So are quest for school contiues.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Friday oh Friday, what will you bring me? Having a child is hard and fun all at the same time, image having a child who is not able to put everything his body is telling him in order. Like trying to find out where you are trying to go when you have horns honking at you, your kids talking to you, the radio is playing and you are trying to think. That is what it is like for my son daily. He can't put everything into order. "Dakota please pick up your toys." is a daily reminder but I have to tell him that everything couple minutes at least that is what I was doing. After reading and more reading on Sensory Processing Disorder I have found that I just need to tell him a couple of times but I don't need to be "nagging" him every two seconds when he doesn't do what I want him to do right away. He needs time to process what was just said and than process what he was doing. Which takes him time to do.
Since we have moved from our home state Minnesota to Virigina his schedule has changed we have to find new therapists and it's all too much for him at times. Not to mention that we were living in a hotel for a month because our house did not work out for us and we had to wait on housing. Finally we are in our home and his little world is being put back together.
This morning has been a very good one for us only one melt down and I have figured it was not because he was having a "sensory" issue but because I simple told him no, and he didn't like it. Both my boys are testing their limits with us and now that we are in our house we are standing our ground. We are doing The Wilbarger Protocol for Sensory Defensivene, which means we are brushing his arms, legs and back every two hours for the next two weeks. He has been through this before and it has been a fit to keep it up. This time I just keep telling him and than I told him we were going to do brushing when the buzzer on my phone went off and he listened. He has been melting down less, sucking and or licking his hands,clothes less so it's working. As well as doing the brushing wer are doing a sensory diet so we do 3 meals a day with two or three snacks between the meals. I am not talking about eating a meal but giving your body a sensory meal. Brushing is a main course meal, or can be a snack. The main course will hold him for about 3 to 4 hours and a snack will be about 1 to 2 hours. Main Meals for us that will engage him for about 20 to 30 minutes are hot dog rolls, sliding down our stairs WITH Mom watching to make sure we are safe, rough play a lot of pushin and pulling. Making playdough and playing with it, shaving cream play, cooking, water play (bathtime). Snacks blowing bubbles for about 5 minutes, jumping or dancing to a song, playing duck duck goose, things that will take about 5 minutes to do.
It's been a good day with only one melt down and playing nicely with his brother. We will see what tomorrow holds for us.