Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 2 of school

His second week of school is over and he is doing so very well. I know that I shouldn't be amazed with how a routinue works, but I still am. It came to the end of the week and we only had on meltdown, and it wasn't a major one. We are still doing the water ballons and that works great, he is able to get his anger out and able to use the engery in a positive way instead of hurting me or Aaron.
We had the school finally test him in OT and Speech and of course they are waiting to the very last weeks to do the testing. So we went and are continuing with the testing. I am pretty sure he won't get any help from the school for his test scores are normal, and what they are not seeing is that yes on paper he is doing great but when you talk to him and see him in the classroom it's different.
He has started speech outside of the school and like going, I just can't wait for his OT to start, we have so much going right now that it's hard to keep all the appointments straight. We also are still doing karate and he is doing great in that, I just have to make sure we get to class twice a week. This week we only are making it once, next week will have to be better.
One problem in our house is that the boys love to watch tv together, we have had many fights with our boys over turning the tv off and we are working on it, this week has actually been a great week both boys are turning the TV with no problems and listening. Which than they get a penny for no fits and no issues on listening to us. Their money jar is helping so much and they are learing that money doesn't just grow in my purse or daddy's wallet. If the boys want something like a toy they have to I ask do you have enough money for that and Kodi looks and tells me "no, I need to save more" so it's working and he is learning.
We have a pea box for the boys to play in and they are loving it, but I am finding little peas all over my house. I can't seem to escape from them at all. All their friends love playing with the peas. It's a nightly picking with peas and the worst part is that my vaccum is broken.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Melt down city

I can't seem to figure out why he is having so many melt downs. I don't understand why he is falling apart and it's not just one or two, it's two twice a day or three times a day. I don't know if it is because he has started school or if it's that he is getting into a rountine with school or what is going on, but we are having issues. The scarey thing is that I can't control him when he is out of control. He is getting bigger and stronger and I can't stop him.
I worry so much about him and how he is doing, but I am doing everything I can to help him, but it doesn't seem like it's enough. It's been a day and I am emotional drained, I need a good night's sleep and be ready for tomorrow. I pray that tomorrow will be a little better.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Things are finally starting to fall into place, we found a great pre-k for Kodi and today was his second day of school. He loves going, loves being able to have friends, and is super excited to get up and go. Let's pray that it stays this way, he is making great progress with his therapist and behaving better when he gets upset.
We still are having "issues" his last one I don't blame him for melting down, he had his evlauation for OT and it took 2 1/2 hours and I knew it would be a rough night for us, which it was but we made it and things have been great since Monday.
We are finally now getting back into a routine and it's great. I am now trying to work on Kingston and helping him understand how Kodi acts out is not ok and that we need to not act, scream, fight or hurt others when we dont' like what is going on.
This is a huge problem and I am trying my best to stop it right now. I am sure it's hard for him to watch his older brother, but I am doing my best explaining and working with him. Kodi starts speech next week and we are very excited for that.
We did learn that the school district here won't do anything for him in means of getting language help, and I am so upset and I really pray that when it's time for us to be in school we will be in another state. One that will have a better school system and not here. I really hate this district. But what can I do, but what I am doing which is why he is not in school until next year, they just want to push us into putting him in school and we won't do it.

Friday, October 1, 2010


This past week Kodi has been struggling with listening and it shows 24-7, he either doesnt' seem to care what we are telling him or he just doesn't care at all. It's driving me crazy, we are still doing the quarter a day if he is not having issues well the past three days he has had issues. They are getting better he is not fighting us right awa but instead just yelling at the top of his lungs, but it's still hard. I do believe that TV has a lot to do with how he acts, so we are cutting way down and putting our foot down on how much he watches.
IT's not easy but I am cutting it out and he hates it, I am hoping that when he goes to school it will be better, but we aren't sure when he will start, since we put in to a scholarship and we are waiting to hear to see how much we will be paying each month. But he is so very excited to start school and I can't wait. The whole morning for him to be in school and enough time for me to workout :)
I am learning that I need a break from my kids in order for me to function and be the best mom I can be. Since Daddy works 12 hour days it's just me during the day and it's hard on me most days so Kodi going to school is a great thing.
He is doing great in Karate and it's teaching him great qualities, and how to center his energy. Today we have had a pretty good day some friends came over for a play date and the boys played and had a great time. Than Kodi actually was swinging in his green swing and now is jumping into pillows off the table. I know to some that is not ok, but for us in our home sensory play is a big factor in how our day goes and both boys love that with me watching them they can do things like this.