Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The last day of school

Kodi was pretty happy since it was his last day of preschool here, which means in two weeks Daddy will be back with us and than we are heading back home. Now he is happy to be back with Daddy but at the same time is sad to be leaving his family here. He wants to stay and be with everyone, but doesn't want to be away from his dad.
We are making great process with his letters and learning and remembering them. I still will have him tested back in VA for ADHD but I don't think that is the underlying problem. But I could be wrong. He is so very excited to read and learn his letters and sounds. I have a lot of work ahead of me to help him but we can do it.
I took him to the doctor today, for he has a small bump on is left wrist and it turns out to be a cyst but nothing to worry about. In fact it went down from what it was last night, and he isn't complaining of the pain. So just rest and pain meds when it starts to hurt.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I am not sure why he feels the need to bother his brother and why his brother has to bother him back. Each morning it is the same, they eat breakfast together and than one starts to poke and than its all down hill from there.
It take all morning for me to get them ready for us to go tutoring and I feel like I am always telling them the same thing to get ready. But they just don't seem listen.
Kodi is working so very hard for Melissa he wants to learn he wants to do his best. I can hear Kodi jumping around to help him think better. Which in turn helps him think.
As spring comes the warmer it get and the more Kodi is able to be outside before he has tutoring and school and the more he is able to get the input he needs. After we left tutoring the boys ate lunch and than we took Kodi to school. Once I picked him up he played outside and became very crabby which I can't stand. But I just ignore him and he stops. We had FHE watched a living scripture movie and than talked about what we watched afterwards.
It was a good night and a good day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The weekend

It was a fun filled weekend for my boys, I was very happy with how well Kodi did we spent most of the night at my sister's house on Friday I was watching her kids which meant 6 kids and one parent. I was excepting a meltdown when I was putting Kodi into the car since he had been sleeping for about an hour. He cried a little bit but was more sad, because he was cold and wanted to be in his bed. I was finally able to get into the car and drive.
The next morning we got up the older boys went to bank to with Grandma than we went to the children's museum with 9 kids and 4 adults. I was excepting for Kodi to meltdown in the middle but he didn't. I am thinking that with all the running around and jumping that he was getting some good input. We also took a break to eat and settle down, I also had him play in the water room which is always calming to him. I also noticed, he would go by himself into a quieter area just for a little bit and than come back out and play. He is getting better at regulating when he needs a break.
Sunday is always the same church and a day at home, just one little meltdown after church because I didn't get his bread the way he wanted it to be. I just left him alone, walked away and let him me. It took about 10 minutes and than he was done.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Another day and so far it's been a great day, Kodi is such a sweet boy and when we are having a good day that shows so very much. We have been working on use nice words when we are anger and how we need to make he "right" choice.
I am surprised that when he is not getting the input his body needs he is able to let me know and we are able to find what he needs. We are getting better at ready his body language better. We got some good news about the public school he is suppose to go to next year. It's not a very good school and I don't want him in that school at all. Anyway since we never enrolled him he will be able to go somewhere else. Now if we can find a public school that is good and we don't have to give proof that he is in Daycare in that district than we are good to go.
If I could we would just stay here in MN but that is not possible at all. We need to be a family and if Daddy is not deployed why be away from each other. The boys miss him so very much and can't wait to be back with him. Kodi is not able to go to bed at night unless he gets a story from Aaron which usually ends up with Kodi sleeping and Aaron reading a story, but he is reading and Kodi loves it.
Reading is becoming a huge hit with Kodi he loves me to read and he loves to pick out letter. I can' t wait for more of the reading to come into play.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We woke up to a fresh blanket of snow and of course all three of my boys have an awful cough, one with double ear infection. So when Kodi was coughing like he was dying I thought ok it's time to take him in. But thankfully he is able to clear out what is in his chest when he coughs and isn't running any fevers so no meds for my boy :)
He is actually having a good day and was very excited for school and to brush his teeth. We have been working hard on teach him how to keep his body clean and healthy. I love when he is getting the input he needs and I can hear him laughing and is so very happy.
He and I were both very happy to find that more and more food companies are putting less dyes in foods and using natural ways to color the products. He loves Goldfish crackers but the colored ones had the dyes in them so I never bought them, but today we were looking and it said "Now colors from Natural ingredients" so I looked and sure enough no dyes. Of course we had to get them. We also were looking at popsilces and found the same thing, so we got them as well. Now if we can figure out how to make orange soda without the red and yellow dyes than life would be grand.
We will see what the rest of our day is when he gets home. But so far it's a great day in the life of Kodi.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am trying to be better at bloging and make sure that I keep a record for Kodi and the rest of my family. I was amazed that this morning my two older boys let me sleep in and I did not wake up to hearing them fit. Kodi also is once again sleeping in his bed, which I love since we are visiting family and are not in our own house. I was for a while have all three boys in bed in with and I was the one who did not sleep.
I have noticed that Kodi is getting sick like the rest of my family and is able to process this a little better. He went to his appt with this tutor and she listened to what I had to say about his SPD and when wasn't able to focus to have him jump,bear walk, push the wall, move the table basically do some heavy input and it would make a difference. I was trying to get some heavy input before we went to see her but it was raining outside and last night was the first night I got some good sleep.
But he did do very well for her and listened, I could hear him jumping and answering her question. Which made me very happy. I also made some floor blocks for his feet so he was grounded while he did some table work.
We than headed back home for lunch before school and of course his younger brother decided it would be fun torture him with a pickel. Yes a pickel Kodi hates the smell and everything about pickels.Once that was over we left for school and the rest of his day was great. He loves school and his teachers we will be sad when we return to VA

Monday, March 21, 2011

Many Months of fun

Not quite sure when the last time I was able to sit down and write a blog, but with the snow melting and only one little boy in the house I am taking a few moments to write. Kodi did a wonderful job with the visit back home, and we are only seeing a couple meltdowns. He is able to be in preschool school 3 times aweek, the hard part is that since we are only back in MN for 2 1/2 months we were not able to get into any therapy, for two reasons, the first one is that our insurance will of course only be accepted at a clinic that we have never been seen at and second they didn't have any treatment time or any slots open to test him. I had it all worked out with The Therapy Place for treatment and he was very excited to go back and see everyone. I must have spent a week working on why the insurance wasn't allowing him to go back. Now we could have paid out of pocket, but we just don't have that kind of money.
We also found a friend who tutors kids with Dyslexia, who is helping Kodi so very much. We are finding that he does in fact have most of the red flags for Dyslexia and what she is doing will help him greatly. My Aunt is also helping Kodi with writing and he loves that she come over to do school.
As for keeping him balanced I am still working on that, it's a hard battle for me each and every day. But we keep going and keep doing our best.