Thursday, July 19, 2012


Summer time is always a harder one for Kodi actually all three of my boys. We try to keep some kind of schedule but it's hard. I feel that we are busier during the summer than we are during school, we have therapy for two out of the three boys, park days once a week (which I love 4 hours with the older two gone) swimming lesson's and it leaves us with 2 open days, but it becomes more like no open days, we try and fill the other two days with going to the beach and one day at a pool.  My kids would spend everyday at a pool or beach if I let them.
Swimming as become a great sensory outlet for us, it gives Kodi everything he is seeking. He wants to play baseball and we will be getting him into it but it's the end of the season and once we are stationed we will find him a team to play on. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kodi Kodi Kodi

Kodi is doing great he LOVES school and his teacher, he works hard and enjoys learning. He grades are great and he is working hard to do his best. His speech is coming along and he loves Tia his therapist, His OT is great he doesn't like that he has to miss school for OT and just wants this therapy with Rhonda to be shorter like Speech, but we do our best and he is coming along.
He is reading and loves it when he finds words he knows. I know that reading will be a harder task for him and we are doing our best to teach him and give him the tools he needs.
We are working with him and his reading we have many books that are the first reader book and we also are doing a program for dyslexia. He is learning and working hard.
I have been trying more calm down items or things for him. When he blows his top it's a good hour to 2 hour fight with screaming and meltdown. We put together a calm down jar that he likes but when he is so upset he hates it. I am rereading my books on SPD to see how I can better help him. He is such a sweet and wonderful boy and I know he loves his family.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making Progress

I love when one of his therapist says "yes" he is making good progress. I felt so very wonderful to know that we are doing some thing right as his parents. As he grows older Kodi will be able to figure out what he needs.
Today we went to the zoo and all three boys did great, we were able to meet up with one of Kodi's friends from school and we had a great time. I love our Zoo it's big enough for us to walk around the whole zoo and be done in about an hour if we are fast. Kodi,KK and Mia all held hands while we walked and they all talked about the different animals, Lily and Kodi loved being together. I am hoping we are able to go to the baseball game with their family tonight. We will see our family is training for race down in Disney World, kodi likes to sit in the stroller and be with me while I run.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Time for OT and Speech again

We have been on a very long break from therapy, not by choice but because we left to go back to MN and we thought insurance was going cover The Therapy Place and after a long round about they won't, I still don't understand since we saw them before with the same insurance but whatever, we are finally now getting into therapy back here. Of course with summer coming along we have to wait another month before they can see us.
All three boys have been doing well, Kodi finished with Pre-k and is now offically my kindergartener. I am sad because he is growing up so very fast but he is making very good progress. We are trying to get him into another school and we will find out in August we also have orders for Indian Head and it is looking like we will be moving in January. I can't wait I am so very excited to be moving to a better place. Schools are better area is better from what I hear I just can't wait.
I am concerned that with our moving so very much how it will affect Kodi and my other two, it took us two years for Kodi to get used to us moving away from Mn and now we will have to start to talk more about moving again, at the same time that is what we signed up when my hubby joined the military. Once he makes Officer we won't be moving as much, still a long road ahead has to finish pre-med and than medical school but in the next 6 years it will happen.
Kodi is doing great a few melt downs and I can't see when he starts to get over done with things and we can plan on one day just "vegging" to get a hold of our selves again.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer time

We are now official parents of a kindergartner, and he is so very excited. Which now for us means summer time and huge amounts of playing outside. I love watching my kids grow up, to see them learn and become independent of me, or from me. I think we have done a great job of teaching our children to stand up for themselves and to let others know when they are not being nice.
I was also very proud to hear from other parents that Kodi was a huge friend to classmates. Kodi helped one of his now best friends talk better and be friendly. He has such an compassionate heart, he loves to make sure everyone is playing and will help out when he can.
I have given him a job for the next couple of weeks to help out his brother who is learning the ropes of using the potty. So far it's working. We will see.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It was the last day of school, and I am so very proud of how much Kodi has grown of this past year. Not only did he go and become a great friend to other children, but he looked forward to going to class everyday. I was told by his bestfriend's mom today that Kodi really helped their son and how grateful they were of him.

He is now ready for school, if we could move up our date for moving than we would and get him into his new school this fall. I am going to be homeschooling him this fall until we move, the school we are "zone" for his awful and they aren't willing to help him, we can't afford private school and we have orders for this March so I will be homeschooling him. I know he will do well with learning at home and being in his own comfort zone.
We are now having down time for it's Friday and we are always tired but the end of the week and I don't want to have a meltdown. He is doing such a wonderful job at karate, only one more week of hard work and he should be getting ready for a new belt. He has a goal of becoming an black belt and we are doing our best to get him there.
It's date night for us and we have found a wonderful babysitter, Kodi is so very excited to have her over again. I am so very blessed to have found her, she is a blessing from God for our family. We haven't been able to go out on dates since we have moved and we really need that little break and to know that we have found someone who we can trust and my boys like is wonderful.
I bought two weeks ago a job chart for our older boys and we have been making sure every night the chores are done and they get paid for it. They are saving for our trip this fall to Disney and my house is cleaner because of it. I love it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday and one more sleep night until Daddy comes!

It's been a crazy the last couple of days, with meltdowns over toys and not getting our way. Peyton the youngest brother having surgery and Daddy coming back all in one week. For me it's a lot I can only image for Kodi how hard is it to keep control of everything.
The meltdowns are getting worse but I think it because he is waiting for Daddy to come, or just don't like my rules whatever it was he didn't like it. I had to physically remove him from playing with toys and keep him away from his brother. It was General Conference this past weekend and I bought a new toys for the boys to share I got magatiles, which are magnetic blocks it is a HUGE hit with them, but Kodi loves to just keep them for him and not want to share. So instead of keeping the house quite enough for us to listen to GC I had to play keeper of the toys. But in the end it was all good.
It's getting nice enough outside for the boys to play and swing and it's great. All three love going outside. I noticed the other day that Kodi need some input so I ask all my kids to bear walk crab walk for frog jump down the hall and get ready for lunch. I even did it too! They loved it and lunch time was less crazy!