Friday, July 30, 2010

Why does age matter

Why does age matter? Will some be able to shed some light on this for me. Since we have moved here we have been trying to find the right pre-school for him, Kodi does have an IEP but with his IEP it states that in Minnesota he does not qualify for Special Education since he only has one qualiation, but they did put in that his team would override that and he would recieve help if we would have stayed in the district. So their recommendation is for him to have another year of pre-k and send him next year which I agree with that decision.
With that send and done we are here in VA and they have different laws about school than Minnesota and because he will 5 before school starts he has to go to kindergarten, and when I try to get a hold of some in special ed or even talk to the Principal they are not returing my calls.
Yes he will be 5 in two days and that should be the age you have your child go to school if they are "normal", kodi is not academically ready, he has trouble with letter, skipping number and on top his speech is delayed. Now if you were to just see Kodi yes he does seem like a normal 5 year old, but once you talk to him you can see he has a speech delay, he has to be redirected wbile in class and did have a hard time finishing projects last year.
The schools are not at the same level here in Virigina as they are in Minnesota, I knew that coming here and I did my best for us to find a home in a good school district, but that did not work that way when our house that we were suppose to buy did not work for us.
Homeschooling is an option but I am not sure how well he would do at home with me and IF he would do school for me.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sorry it's been a week since I lasted posted wireless was not working and so it took a little bit. So since I last posted about Kodi, we have had some major melt downs. I believe it's that we are putting our foot down and following through with what we are saying, and he doesn't like it one bit.
Today we had three meltdowns or issues as we call them in our house before noon, the last one at the end he just cried and we talked about him missing his old home and his family he left in Minnesota and how is really misses them. I believe it's important for him to know that we miss our family back in Minnesota just as much as he does.
I am naming different feels for him as he has his issues and after he is done we talk about how he was feeling and how it is ok to have those different feelings but it's not ok to try and hurt people, and the most important of all that Mommy and Daddy love him, and that he doesn't need to worry about life and that Mommy and Daddy have anything under control.
Yesterday while we were having quit time he was able to paint and he decided to paint the boxes that we moved in, when I came down he was doing a wonderful job. Well that some how turned into paint all over. His little brother KK came down with me and they both were covered in paint from head to toe. Needless to say it was bath time after that. But as I watched I was so very thankful for his OT who worked with him for he would have never done that before. When I say the paint was all over it was, they had stripped down to nothing and where body painting. I have to say I LOVE washable paint, all the paint came off with no problems. What a great sensory meal for Kodi.
Our quest for this week is to find him a school. We found that private school but really we can not afford the tution and I really don't know if the school would be the best fit. As I was asking question I found that they do not have Speech in their school and that we would have to get help for a private therpay. Which is not a problem but I would really like him to get help in school. So are quest for school contiues.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Friday oh Friday, what will you bring me? Having a child is hard and fun all at the same time, image having a child who is not able to put everything his body is telling him in order. Like trying to find out where you are trying to go when you have horns honking at you, your kids talking to you, the radio is playing and you are trying to think. That is what it is like for my son daily. He can't put everything into order. "Dakota please pick up your toys." is a daily reminder but I have to tell him that everything couple minutes at least that is what I was doing. After reading and more reading on Sensory Processing Disorder I have found that I just need to tell him a couple of times but I don't need to be "nagging" him every two seconds when he doesn't do what I want him to do right away. He needs time to process what was just said and than process what he was doing. Which takes him time to do.
Since we have moved from our home state Minnesota to Virigina his schedule has changed we have to find new therapists and it's all too much for him at times. Not to mention that we were living in a hotel for a month because our house did not work out for us and we had to wait on housing. Finally we are in our home and his little world is being put back together.
This morning has been a very good one for us only one melt down and I have figured it was not because he was having a "sensory" issue but because I simple told him no, and he didn't like it. Both my boys are testing their limits with us and now that we are in our house we are standing our ground. We are doing The Wilbarger Protocol for Sensory Defensivene, which means we are brushing his arms, legs and back every two hours for the next two weeks. He has been through this before and it has been a fit to keep it up. This time I just keep telling him and than I told him we were going to do brushing when the buzzer on my phone went off and he listened. He has been melting down less, sucking and or licking his hands,clothes less so it's working. As well as doing the brushing wer are doing a sensory diet so we do 3 meals a day with two or three snacks between the meals. I am not talking about eating a meal but giving your body a sensory meal. Brushing is a main course meal, or can be a snack. The main course will hold him for about 3 to 4 hours and a snack will be about 1 to 2 hours. Main Meals for us that will engage him for about 20 to 30 minutes are hot dog rolls, sliding down our stairs WITH Mom watching to make sure we are safe, rough play a lot of pushin and pulling. Making playdough and playing with it, shaving cream play, cooking, water play (bathtime). Snacks blowing bubbles for about 5 minutes, jumping or dancing to a song, playing duck duck goose, things that will take about 5 minutes to do.
It's been a good day with only one melt down and playing nicely with his brother. We will see what tomorrow holds for us.