Thursday, July 19, 2012


Summer time is always a harder one for Kodi actually all three of my boys. We try to keep some kind of schedule but it's hard. I feel that we are busier during the summer than we are during school, we have therapy for two out of the three boys, park days once a week (which I love 4 hours with the older two gone) swimming lesson's and it leaves us with 2 open days, but it becomes more like no open days, we try and fill the other two days with going to the beach and one day at a pool.  My kids would spend everyday at a pool or beach if I let them.
Swimming as become a great sensory outlet for us, it gives Kodi everything he is seeking. He wants to play baseball and we will be getting him into it but it's the end of the season and once we are stationed we will find him a team to play on.