Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday and one more sleep night until Daddy comes!

It's been a crazy the last couple of days, with meltdowns over toys and not getting our way. Peyton the youngest brother having surgery and Daddy coming back all in one week. For me it's a lot I can only image for Kodi how hard is it to keep control of everything.
The meltdowns are getting worse but I think it because he is waiting for Daddy to come, or just don't like my rules whatever it was he didn't like it. I had to physically remove him from playing with toys and keep him away from his brother. It was General Conference this past weekend and I bought a new toys for the boys to share I got magatiles, which are magnetic blocks it is a HUGE hit with them, but Kodi loves to just keep them for him and not want to share. So instead of keeping the house quite enough for us to listen to GC I had to play keeper of the toys. But in the end it was all good.
It's getting nice enough outside for the boys to play and swing and it's great. All three love going outside. I noticed the other day that Kodi need some input so I ask all my kids to bear walk crab walk for frog jump down the hall and get ready for lunch. I even did it too! They loved it and lunch time was less crazy!

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