Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer time

We are now official parents of a kindergartner, and he is so very excited. Which now for us means summer time and huge amounts of playing outside. I love watching my kids grow up, to see them learn and become independent of me, or from me. I think we have done a great job of teaching our children to stand up for themselves and to let others know when they are not being nice.
I was also very proud to hear from other parents that Kodi was a huge friend to classmates. Kodi helped one of his now best friends talk better and be friendly. He has such an compassionate heart, he loves to make sure everyone is playing and will help out when he can.
I have given him a job for the next couple of weeks to help out his brother who is learning the ropes of using the potty. So far it's working. We will see.

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