Friday, June 3, 2011

Time for OT and Speech again

We have been on a very long break from therapy, not by choice but because we left to go back to MN and we thought insurance was going cover The Therapy Place and after a long round about they won't, I still don't understand since we saw them before with the same insurance but whatever, we are finally now getting into therapy back here. Of course with summer coming along we have to wait another month before they can see us.
All three boys have been doing well, Kodi finished with Pre-k and is now offically my kindergartener. I am sad because he is growing up so very fast but he is making very good progress. We are trying to get him into another school and we will find out in August we also have orders for Indian Head and it is looking like we will be moving in January. I can't wait I am so very excited to be moving to a better place. Schools are better area is better from what I hear I just can't wait.
I am concerned that with our moving so very much how it will affect Kodi and my other two, it took us two years for Kodi to get used to us moving away from Mn and now we will have to start to talk more about moving again, at the same time that is what we signed up when my hubby joined the military. Once he makes Officer we won't be moving as much, still a long road ahead has to finish pre-med and than medical school but in the next 6 years it will happen.
Kodi is doing great a few melt downs and I can't see when he starts to get over done with things and we can plan on one day just "vegging" to get a hold of our selves again.

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